Piarom (Mariami) DatePiarom is one of the varieties which grows in south of Iran in the north area of Hormozgan.Palms are grown organically with no chemical treatment during the growing season. Thewashing stage is completely performed.Fructose is the sugar found mainly in the date which undergoes metabolic processing in theliver and is known as one of the best sweeteners for diabetics to use.This date is semi dried with moisture under %15. It is dark brown in color and round in size.Shelf life at room temperature is around 18 months, under interim fumigation. Harvest Time isaround mid September. The date is available in Jumbo or normal forms.!Packaging: 300 gr to 20 KG Telescopic CartonStorage: In a cool, dry, clean and well ventilated place. Storage temperature is between 10-15Celsius degrees, humidity below 50%