At first we are supplying White and black Truffle ( Terfezia ) from Iran origin.
When we can export? we can supply since February to April 2000
How is packing? Just tell us which packing is interesting for you so we can do same your request we can change all size, weight,... just tell us clear which packing is comfortable for you. If you have a special plan for packing let us know, we will do same your request. Send photo of your special packing. We will design same that.
About Size you know there are more size so we will try to arrange 3 -5 cm and +5 cm.
about our capacity, Past year we could export more than 3800 Kilogram to Arabian countries. This(our land raining is more this year), we foresight this year we can supply more than 5000 Kilogram.
This wild mushroom is so famous in Arabian countries we exported more. Now we are going to export to Europe.
About payment: we have tow office in UK and Canada we will arrange payment by them.
At last we are interesting to do same your request (Idea), just let us know which option (way) is better for you.